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ERREELLE SRL was founded in 2001 by Fochesato Leopoldo, that is still the owner. He inherited the passion for the leather industry from his father, that worked in this sector for many years in different departments; this passion, added to a constant and creative dedication, brought ERREELLE SRL to an important growth in the following years and a distribution in all Italian and international market. 

 In the "Valle del Chiampo" area since the 1950s the textile was slowly replaced by the leather industry, that at the beginning occupied the old town and later on moved to the tanning centre of Arzignano, in an area that now has more than 200 companies, among which ERREELLE SRL.  

We work rough leather, what is called "wet blue", we color it in barrels, dry and perfect it, to be used in the production of a large set of articles that include FOOTWEAR, UPHOLSTERY and LEATHER GOODS.

Following you can see some images from our production departments:

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